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Sekaiichi hatsukoi x Junjou romántica!,

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Trifecta: Yokozawa Takafumi and Kirishima Zen

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Kirishima x Yokozawa :: "Simply being with Kirishima had helped Yokozawa to recognize all of the as-yet-unrealized emotions he had trapped within himself."

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This actually made me cry…allot

:’c My feels~ :’cccccccccc

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Don’t question where it came from, just listen and be blown away. It goes without saying there are major spoilers for this crappy quality audio, so bear that in mind! I’d really appreciate it if this didn’t leave tumblr, also :x

CLIP 1 - Opening Scene

Kirishima: Oh yeah. You were griping last night all about how you’d just gotten your heart broken by another guy.
Yokozawa: I was?!
Kirishima: Calm down; you didn’t say his name. Oh—and also, you’ll be working as my servant for a while.
Yokozawa: Huh?
Kirishima: Dragging me into your drinking party, making me listen to you bitch about work and some guy, then making me pay the tab and look after your drunk ass…that alone is a lot. Plus…I love taking prideful guys like you down a peg or two.

CLIP 2 - Yokozawa is invited to stay with the Kirishimas

Yokozawa: I’d love to be with Sorata always to watch over him, but that’s hardly feasible…
Hiyori: I’ll watch him!
Yokozawa: Huh?
Hiyori: Sora-chan can just stay with us until he feels better! I’m on spring break right now, so I can be with him full time!
Yokozawa: But…
Kirishima: Just so we’re clear: It’s no trouble at all. In fact—while we’re at it, you come and stay with us, too.
Yokozawa: What? Why the hell would I—
Kirishima: I’m worried for the cat, sure—but I’m worried about you, too. It’s not wise to leave you by yourself. Have you looked in a mirror lately? You look like shit.
Yokozawa: Cut that out!

CLIP 3 - Domestic Morning with the Kirishimas

Yokozawa: There, all done.
Hiyori: Thank you, Oniichan!
Kirishima: Here—you take milk in yours, right?
Yokozawa: Yeah.
Kirishima: Like this…we’re kinda like a couple of newlyweds, huh?
Yokozawa: Huh?
Kirishima: I’m the papa, and you’re the mama.
Yokozawa: Stop saying weird things like that.
Kirishima: There you go again, blushing.
Yokozawa: I’m not BLUSHING.
Hiyori: What’s going on?? What’re you talking about?
Kirishima: I was just telling Yokozawa—
Yokozawa: Nothing! Hiyo—if you don’t head out soon, you’ll be late.
Hiyori: Ah, you’re right! I’m off, then!

CLIP 4 - Final Balcony Scene

Yokozawa: If you hadn’t been there for me, I probably would be thinking about him even now.
Kirishima: Then…who are you saying you’re thinking about instead?
Yokozawa: ………
Kirishima: …You don’t have to say if you don’t want to.
Yokozawa: …out you…
Kirishima: Huh? What’d you just say?
Yokozawa: I was thinking about you dammit! I’ve been doing nothing but thinking about you for the past two days! It’s annoying as hell not being able to think about anything but YOU!
Kirishima: Me…?
Yokozawa: I kept…thinking how you had to be so pissed at me for saying those things to you. Th-that…you hated me now… (pause) …Are you even listening to me?
Kirishima: I am, I am! Just—you surprised me, and I thought maybe it was a dream…
Yokozawa: Quit messing around!
Kirishima: Yeah, I don’t think I quite caught that—could you say it once more?
Yokozawa: Like hell! (I just said something ridiculously embarrassing and this guy has the nerve to…) Geez, I’m done with this—I’ve said what I came to say, so I’m leaving.
Kirishima: Yokozawa.
Yokozawa: Let me go. I said I’m leaving.
Kirishima: You think I’m gonna just let you leave, after you say something cute like that?

CLIP 5 - Yasashii Kiseki (“Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai” Theme Song)

CLIP 6 - Sekai ga Kimi to Deau Made (short films Theme Song)

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(๏_๏) - I stalk your blog

(¬_¬) - You should go away

( - ) - I really like you(r blog)

(° o °) - you shock me

(^ 3 ^) - I want to kiss you

(>^ ▽^) > - I want to hug you

°Д°) - You scare me

( T_T ) - You annoy me

(~_~;) - I’m too shy to talk to…

(・・;) - How did I end up here?

(UnU) - you never talk to me

(><) - we should rp!


(^///^) - Something too naughty to say

(X ~ X) - Delete your blog

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I... really am like a stalker but... I love him